Vlogging Camera And Its Features

Once it is decided that you are going to create a vlog account and share your videos, it is time for you to purchase a good vlogging camera. There are certain important aspects to be considered while purchasing a camera for vlogging. Here are some of the important features that must be and must not be concentrated on.

Features not to be considered:

Purchasing a camera for general use may require one to concentrate on certain important features which are not required for vlogging.

×        Zoom- Zooming is not required unless you create a travel vlog. Apart from it, it is not required for one to zoom into a particular motion picture.

×        Megapixels – These may be important for capturing photos to have it printed as a large and excellent image. But, this is not required for capturing videos.

×        Flash- Though proper lighting is required, a camera with flash will not be sufficient for the vlog. One need to have external lightings for the videos.

Do not invest your time in looking for these features.

Features to be considered:

ü  Low Light Performance: Most of the vlogs involves shooting indoor which needs enough lighting.

ü  Optical Image Stabilization: This is an important property to look for while purchasing the camera. Generally, videos are not taken in a single position, one needs to walk to capture videos. Though there is software to edit the video, it is better to purchase a camera with optical image stabilization.

ü  Audio: Audios are generally captured along with the video. So, it is better to get a camera which comes with a microphone.

ü  Camera Lens: Look for vloging camera with a lens that provides good quality videos even in short range.

No camera is perfect, so if any camera has most of the qualities then This is the camera I would get to vlog.