Types Of Acoustic Guitar


There are various types of acoustic guitars available in the market and each of these varieties not only differs in the way they sound but also they have a different visual appeal. It is very natural for a person to notice the look of the instrument which can impress you if it is very visually appealing. Last year, the best ever gift my girlfriend got me was an acoustic guitar which was not just a good looking instrument but also fits into my requirement. All thanks to the research that we had done on each of the types to find out the appropriate one for me.

Let us take a look at some the types and the reason to choose one on the basis of sound and appearance.

  • Dreadnought is the most commonly used type of guitar. It usually has a broad shoulder which is square in size with a large internal cavity. It gives a strong midrange with cutting highs and a bass frequency by producing a tight sound.
  • The guitars which have a shape of parlor are known as parlor guitars. In recent times, this has gained a lot of popularity. They come in small sizes which can be perfect for someone whose body frame is small.
  • Jumbo guitars have round shoulder and bottom. This can produce the largest sound cavity. Such guitars are very loud.
  • Auditorium guitars are a lot like the Dreadnought as it has same dimensions like Dreadnought. Only if you take a closer look, you will be able to notice the tighter waist which is responsible for causing tonal characteristics for becoming more pronounced.
  • Grand Auditorium guitars are the larger versions of Auditorium guitars. This also resembles to a Dreadnought guitar. The fact is if the body shape of a guitar is large then it will produce more volume.