The Future of Food: How We Grow

As the population keeps increasing and the depletion of natural resources continues on a massive scale, there is the dire need for sustainability. We are in an era where the use of renewable energy is more relevant than ever before. For learning more about renewable energy and related topics check out ClimateCounts website.

Better utilization of space

As the problem of land pollution is a serious issue, the availability of fertile lands for growing crops is dwindling. We are now looking for more efficient agriculture practices. We are moving towards a stage where we should be able to utilize the space available in the best possible way to be able to multiply the yield even in places where there is a shortage of agricultural land. Now how can we make that happen? Enter vertical farming! As the name gives away the gist of it, this one uses the concept of using up vertical spaces. Vertical farming can be the best utilization of space and water as well. This is a concept that suits the urban lifestyle.

Controlled ambiance

The ideal ambiance factors like sunlight and rainfall required vary from one crop to another. There are seasonal crops that can be grown in particular soil conditions. Creating the ideal ambiance artificially is possible today. There are several indoor farming solutions that offer such ambiance to be able to cultivate even the hybrid crops. It can also help monitor the water levels and send notifications when watering is essential.


One other concept that is getting highly relevant today is hydroponics which is one of the most popular methods in the class of hydroculture. With the super-fast urbanization leaving little to no space on the soil for cultivation, being able to grow crops without the presence of soil can be a breakthrough that can help nations become self-sufficient in terms of the vegetable supply.