The Era Of The Bezeless Monitors

When it comes to purchasing a monitor, there are several technical specifications one might look for. But along with the technical aspects, one cannot compromise on the aesthetics of the monitor. Would you purchase a high-end computer with some superior configuration but with a small monitor? That would not be a good one to look at nor would the monitor do justice to all the things you can do with the computer.

A high resolution monitor would make movie viewing experience as well as computer gaming experience better. And now it is the era of thin screen monitors. Evolving from the grey boxes, monitors now have become thinner and larger and better! First there were CRTs. They occupied a large space. Then came the thinner LCD monitors. These were not just good in the looks but also came with better display resolutions.

The present day monitors are razor sharp, thin but come packed with such superior display quality like never before. When you have a large screen monitor which is also ultra-thin, would you want a boring broad bezel? Would that not mar the good looks of the otherwise sleek monitor? This is the question that made designers come up with the thin bezel and the bezeless models of monitors. Bezeless monitors with their slick styling can be great especially if your computer would be occupying a corner in your living room.

And can great looks also come with great features? Thinner bezels do not just look good. The monitors with thinner bezels offer better viewing experience. These are great choices for those who line up more than one monitor for a multi-display set up. As against broad bezels separating each monitor, thin bezel monitors when placed next to each other look more or less like a continuous large display. Check out a buying guide for bezeless monitors to pick the right one that would suit your requirements.