The Best Tips to Protect Your Cables and Wires from Damage by Rodents

Imagine settling down on a pleasant night with your near and dear ones or just by yourself to watch a good movie or to catch the next episode of that show you have been watching every single day. You have your drink or bowl of popcorn ready, all chores around the house are done and you are ready to call it a night after getting some much-needed screen time. You switch on the TV with much anticipation and all you see is a black screen.

You run around not knowing what to do, muttering and cursing your luck as the clock shows the show or movie has started. Then you see a chipped of wire or a cable cut off due to some rat running around. Now this rodent issue is much more serious than just missing your favorite show on TV. It is a health hazard that can affect you and your family to a great extent.

The pest prevention Glasgow companies offer many tips and advice to help you get this rodent issue under control. Here are some tips specifically to safeguard your wires and cables:

Regular Cleaning

Clean up not just the floor space and the walls but also corners and crawl spaces around the house. These are spots we tend to overlook for long periods of time, thus giving the rodents a suitable place to settle in and next.


If you have beautiful trees around your house, chances are many parts of those branches are either touching or resting on your house and roof. This provides easy access for rodents and helps them reach your house in no time. Trim those branches so that nothing is touching your house structure. This will help keep away not just rodents but termites too.


Keep your trash outside the house. Even if you are into recycling and have a recycling plant at home, ensure it is kept outside the main part of the house. This way there is nothing attracting the rodents.


Keep all those excess lose cables neatly knotted up and organized. This way there is lesser space for the rodents to hide in.