“Made In the USA,” Still Rules The Roost

Oak 73, Stephanie Dawn, K. Slade are all American brands which are carving a niche for themselves in the luxury and designer handbag and purses market. Though the best brands in the bag section are not from America, all other products American are so alluring and attractive. Despite the rapid advancements made in all sectors and all major industries opening offshore manufacturing units, the “Made in the USA,” still holds the sway over the consumer’s mind.

What makes American goods so appealing to the Global Market? It is understandable if the Americans want to buy goods made in their country as they want to help their economy and sustain their industries but what about the rest of the world. Even more interesting question is “Are all Made in the USA actually made in America?”

Certain segments of the industry believe that several leading brands have opened manufacturing units discreetly in China and other developing nations to train the locals there before bringing them over to the United States. This way, they can manufacture their goods and sell them under the “Made in the USA,” tagline but with cheap labor and within the parameters of the law. How true these allegations are, no one knows for sure but even today around the globe USA name brand purses have a value and people are proud to flaunt them.

Why Made In the USA counts?

The need of the hour for all industries and factories is to embrace cleaner, eco-friendly work practice with afocus on renewable energy resources and smaller carbon footprint. The easy accessibility to latest technology that helps monitor the carbon emissions, wastes, measure greenhouse gases and air and water pollution also ensure that these brands will adopt safe and clean manufacturing techniques.

Another reason for this desire for “Made in the USA” tagline is the superior quality, good craftsmanship, and the use of clean and safe materials free of contamination.