How Technology Is Changing The Way We See The World in 2019

There is no second word on the comment that technology is our driving force and every kid is born with a new introduction in technology. Therefore, market watchers keep their eyes widened for the first view of each new product of companies related to technology. When television screens can show cookery shows with real-time experience of smell and flavor, researches are being undertaken to transfer objects into the virtual world through quantum science, you have to expect even the unexpected.

With the New Year, expectations reach a new level and we look forward to seeing some or all of the following changes in the coming year enhancing the dimensions of vision.

Big data: There has been a data explosion and it is continuing with increased quantity in inward directions and expectation of narrowed specificities. Data storage, analysis, and interpretations have long before reached into the hands of machines. Big data technology can simply play games with any kind of physical, digital or wireless data devoid of restrictions in time, type, quality or quality, distance, and application. A simple graph will speak the world soon with dimensions unrestricted on paper.

5G Network: The current and future generations live and move with social media. Trenches and peaks have become towers and a video could be live-streamed in the remotest place hard to imagine now with proper device support.

Personalized Technology: Artificial intelligence has already taken over production and lifestyle. The biggest apparel brand in the world will bring out an outfit customized exactly for you with just the digital support. Your kid will drive on a segway that can intuitively navigate for him on any surface.

Sensors and Imaging: Dark vision, infra-red vision, remote sensing and what not, technology is used luxuriously to observe ‘invisible’ entities. Who can predict! The invisible cloak of Harry Porter will soon be on sale in the commercial market.