About How-To Geek: We Explain Technology 2018

One stop shop for all your blogging reads!

The internet is a vast landscape. It is not like something that you pick up to read and you know exactly what you are going to be spending time on the resources out her on the world wide web is so vast that you can keep reading for hours and not come to any seeming end at all.

Also, one page can lead to the other and be so interconnected that you may end up browsing hundreds of pages in one reading session!

That is a good thing and a bad thing!

\reading on the loop is not bad but it can never help you point a finger to something and say that today you did this. Reading and storing and also retrieving a huge amount of data can be cumbersome to the brain.

Also, you don’t want to read anything there is. There are a few favorite genres that we always look forward to reading. Some of them that we have no interest in can be so put off that you do not give a care in the world to them.

These interesting facts that our team collected helped us in bringing out a website that catalogs all the available blogs subject-wise.  The list also is based on popularity that the technology blogs receive and we agree that the list can also be subjective. But remember that a majority of the readers have liked the blog posts and that is why it is placed on its coveted position.

In case you think that you have come across any other tech blogs that you think was missing hitherto, you can copy the link in the comments section below with a little about why it is your favorite. We would love to hear from you.