Here’s What Parents Need to Know About Using Smartphones around Kids

Using smartphones becomes inevitable and we started using smartphones almost for all the transaction purposes.  We love to do shopping online; we order book, clothes, groceries and even food items.  The technology has advanced in such a way that there are many apps for various purposes right from education to shopping.  There are many uses and benefits while using these smartphones and it becomes unavoidable to stop using these smartphones.  But it is necessary for any parent to know about using smartphone around kids and what are the best ways to make them understand the way of using it.  There are many online gaming platforms like Starwalkkids and other educational apps for the holistic development of the child.

But the important thing is how to use these smartphones in an effective way to enhance the kids learning.

  • The parents have the responsibility of teaching all the innovative skills to be developed among their kids.
  • They should be able to teach them different languages in which these gadgets will help them to learn new languages and also help to build the vocabulary on the respective languages.
  • The parent should give them a time bound in using these gadgets and they should strictly adhere to these time bounds.
  • The parents should identify the online platforms which will boost their inbound talents and skills in a productive way.
  • The talents of the children should be identified at the right time and it should be sharpened with the essential gadgets to enhance their skills.
  • Too much of freedom should not be given to your children. This should be kept in your mind before using the gadgets.
  • Try to know the advantages and disadvantages of using these gadgets and technology. This will help you to know better about the technology and how to use it more effectively and efficiently in enhancing their skills and development.

Ways that innovation in design is making city dwelling easier


Living in a city can be tough – the lack of fresh air can lead to mental and physical health problems. City planners try to make the spaces as green as possible to emulate the fresh country air, by planning parks and open spaces, or even building rooftop gardens.

There are also advances in transport, making getting from A to B easier, as we all know how busy city traffic can be at rush hour. From Uber’s private hire service to self-driving cars, there are many technological advances to make getting around a big city easier and parents with children understand the need to stay on top of things.

For those who are new to living in the big city, there are mobile apps which can help you feel like you’ve lived there forever. Google maps has walking directions which can be read to you through your headphones, meaning you won’t have to keep stopping to pull out your phone. It can also show you various routes to get from A to B, so you can choose the best for you.

It has even been mentioned that cities could become ‘smart’, meaning we could interact with them. One app which has already become successful is NYC’s ‘Don’t flush me’, which tells users when they shouldn’t flush – such as heavy rain causes sewers to overflow.

Even more advanced than this is Rio’s control room, where cameras all over the city collect and send data. This allows officials to monitor pollution and weather conditions for example. These will allow trends and patterns to be observed and predicted, meaning we can better prepare for the future.

The data collected by these ‘smart cities’ is available online, meaning residents can also monitor their city’s status. However, with this there is the worry that the data and the technology used to obtain it, could fall into the wrong hands.