Kids drones that are easy to handle and safe

Drones make great gifts for children. But when it comes to gifting children their first drone the focus should be more on the safety rather than on the features. Even before buying a drone it is important to teach children the do’s and don’t’s about handling a drone. And then it would be a wise choice to buy a drone without too many fancy features.

Understand the laws

There might be rules governing the use of drones in your state as well as in the residential community that you reside in. Knowing these laws and educating your kids about them would be essential before buying the drone. The flying height the flying range of the drones are important aspects to look at.

Buy a beginner level drone

There are basic drones designed keeping the beginners in mind. Even if you are buying a drone for an older kid it would be good to buy a beginner ready drone to begin with. And if you want to buy the best drone for kids go here to find the largest collection of beginner drones. One other easy option, if you are drone lover yourself, is to custom build one that comes with better controls.

The controller

There are various types of controllers that you might find in the market. Look for those that come with an easy interface and a clean layout on the controller. Too many clumsy controls might make it difficult for the children to learn to fly a drone. There are several options available in drones for kids as young as 5yrs and more. JXD, JJRC and several other brands have a wide variety of easy to use, ready to fly drones that are perfect for beginners. And these also incorporate the best in class safety features for the young drone pilots.