Hacks to remember your online account names and passwords

Now that you have an app or a web tool for everything, it is much of a task to remember and manage the passwords for all of them. Let us count from Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin, Bank Accounts, Gmail, Yahoo, Office Tools so on, the list goes on. While having an account on every new hyping app gives you a satisfaction that you belong here, the social web security can give you nightmares too. Remember the devastating and eye-opening, Heartbleed? We can’t forget the jerk it gave. It exposed the security of our online identities.

It is recommended, for all seasoned web users to keep changing their passwords for all their accounts. With the mushrooming of a new app everyday and our need for them, it feels to have a password manager to keep a record of all the passwords. If you want to protect your online privacy, go here:

  • KeePass – An open source cross – platform password manager.
  • KeyWallet – Supports only Windows.
  • Password Manager Plus – Works along with your browsers to help save passwords.
  • Password Hasher – Helps you by generating a strong password.
  • OSX Keychain – This is only for Mac
  • Clipperz – This is free online password manager, and is capable of storing other details too like card no’s etc.

Things to remember – if you are opting for a Password manager.


  • Don’t give away the Master Password and remember it well
  • It’s a bad idea to use a Password manager on a shared computer
  • Never write your passwords on a piece of paper or store on your phone
  • Never keep passwords having your birthdays, Car no’s, place of birth or based on such facts.

The story revolves around the fact that being secure is a privilege only smart people can have. Be one!