4 Cool Ways Drone Videography has changed Filmmaking

Filmography has evolved over the years. Now with the ease of access to advanced photography and videography equipment, anyone can shoot some great videos. We see movies being entirely shot on smartphones and launched on the big screens. To know more about drones and where else they are being used, visit www.thedronelogic.com

With so much happening in filmmaking, drones have also had their contribution in making the process so much better –

  1. Aerial shots like never before

For those movies where capturing the aerial shots of stunning landscapes can add value to the scenes nothing better than the drones to get to the highest capturing angles.

  1. Adding the thrill to the action sequences

For all the fast-paced chase sequences, movies with the bike and car race sequences, drones can travel as fast as or even faster than the automobile being filmed. This can bring in the dynamics that can make the scenes even richer on the screen.

  1. Light on the budget

The cranes and other photography equipment and the camera mounts with such level of flexibility to capture 360-degree shots can all be more expensive than using drones for such purposes. So even a low budget film can bring some stunning visuals when drones are used.

  1. Quicker processing times

Capturing videos of different types, taking landing and flyover shots are all very much simple with the help of drones. So the same sequence could be captured in multiple frames from multiple angles with the help of drones without requiring retakes.

On the whole, when drones are used in filmmaking a lot of sophistication in the video capture process is added. In the end, it also cuts down the time taken for accessing and editing the videos. This is why nearly all the filmmakers today use drones. And some of the most popular scenes in the most popular blockbuster movies have been captured by drones.