Benefits Of Choosing Postnatal Massage For The New Mom

The struggles of a pregnant woman and that of a new mom cannot be eliminated fully even by technology. But technology aims at making the journey acceptable. For example after delivery, the new mother’s body takes a long time to completely recovery. There is also a lot of pain and soreness that the mother faces- post natal massage helps a lot with this. Postnatal massage is something that has been followed for ages. But now technology has made postnatal massages even better. Here are some of the benefits of choosing postnatal massage for the new mom:

  1. Helps destress:

If there is one thing that all new mothers face besides the pain it is stress. Adjusting to the new routines, sleepless nights spent taking care of the baby can all increase stress. Postnatal massage helps relieve stress. When women relax as stress is tackled, endorphins are released by the body. These are the hormones produced naturally by the body. These help alleviate pain.

  1. Avoid fluid retention:

Heard of water weight? It is not a myth. After delivery, some women gain weight mainly due to the retention of fluids in the body. Massage can help eliminate excess water from the body.

  1. Improve the speed of recovery:

When pain and tension in the body is removed this can hasten the recovery process a great deal. This applies especially for those who have had a c-section. Massages can also help heal internally.

  1. Help reduce stretch marks:

Regular massages can prevent the formation of stretch marks. These can also help in reducing the currently visible stretch marks. The magic here is done by the natural therapeutic oils used for massages.

Postnatal massages are great. But be cautious about when you get them and where you get them. Check with your gynecologist if you are ready to get a postnatal massage.