All That You Need to Know About Line 6 Relay G30 In Brief

One of the best things about technological advancements is the convenience that comes with wireless systems. Wireless musical devices and accessories are of great help in concerts and shows and have great practical applications to them. It is easier, more useful and convenient to connect your musical instruments with the effects devices and amps through wireless technology and finally get rid of cables and wires all over the stage.

The best aspects of the Line 6 G30:

Any review of the top guitar wireless systems is incomplete without the review of the Line 6 G30. First things first, the price is a little steep when compared to the other best wireless systems. However, you might be tempted if we told that it is worth every dime that you pay for it because the controls, the features, and the performance are top-class. Plus, the size is small and easy-to-handle.

Features: The Line 6 Relay G30 system is quite easy to handle. It comes with six channels and an on-board transmitter, a receiver, and needed accessories like batteries and power supply cable. The digital wireless system has high-quality signal strength. It is a reliable system and has a specific frequency that is notably suited for guitars, though the frequency range of 10Hz- 20Hz, with a superior 118dB dynamic range is very convenient for other musical devices as well.

The casing of the Line 6 G30 is tough, sustaining, and suitable for repeated use and travel. It gives excellent clarity of sound because of lesser sonic output when compared to that of a regular cable.

The controls and The Performance: The standard set of controls are quite efficient, but the best is the cable tone simulations switch, which closely resembles the tone of a guitar that is cabled. However, this does not in any way affect the tonal quality and brings out the efficacy of the compander-free wireless connector.

The performance range is about a 100feet. And the battery life is for about 8 hours and with excellent sound-quality this is an ideal device for playing in medium-sized to smaller venues. The sonic drops are not present, but the signal tends to drop when you get far away from the transmitters; so, no big venues for this one.